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Uniting communities and fostering positive environments where young minds can collaborate, exchange gifts, and be inspired to create lasting change.



Ray June is an outgoing, energetic, innovative, and driven professional with a passion to enable youth to reach their full potential as productive members of society. His passion is evidenced in spending 15+ years (over half of his life) serving in various capacities (as both client and provider) within 501(c)(3) organizations, chartered to help young people grow and develop into caring and responsible citizens. 


Through the years, Ray recognized his passion for helping youth and making music. Therefore, in 2019, Ray established SWAT Meet, Inc. to merge those two ideas into "Special Weapons And Tactics" that challenge the next generation to use their gifts to create lasting change. 


As a result, SWAT Meet, Inc. has become a performing arts company that creates a platform for youth to express themselves as creatives, while bringing about professional, personal, and community development. 

Ray June


special weapons and tactics

we use our talents as special weapons and tactics to create lasting change in our communities every time we meet up!

Your donations to SWAT Meet, Inc. help us create safe spaces for local teens to express themselves creatively. 



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